Biden Debate Strategy Ditches Mics to Curb Gaffes

Next week’s presidential debate promises to be an event of catastrophic proportions, especially since the Biden campaign has apparently managed to convince the debate organizers to give the candidates a chance to speak without microphones. It’s as if the Left believed that by turning off the microphones, the gaffe-prone President might finally avoid adding another blooper reel to his ever-growing collection. It’s almost like they want to give sleepy Joe a fighting chance by keeping things low-key.

Fox News at Night’s Gabe Kaminsky shed light on the peculiar strategy behind the microphone rule. Naturally, Biden, who’s more adept at keeping his train of thought on track when there’s less public scrutiny, stands to benefit most from the lowered stakes. The campaign clearly knows they are dealing with a president who’s likened to a walking viral video factory – and not in a good way. One doesn’t need to dig too deep on social media to see examples of multiple facepalms in action. 


Given the perpetual firestorm on social platforms surrounding Biden’s numerous slip-ups and the desperate attempts from the White House to clean up the mess, the new debate rules signal a rather predictable defensive maneuver. This debate could serve as a major indicator, showing voters just how far Biden’s team is willing to go to protect their man from himself.

Kaminsky also took a swipe at the inflated importance given to this early debate by some liberal pundits. Contrary to Van Jones’s flair for dramatics, Kaminsky dismissed the notion that this debate would singularly decide the election. Instead, he framed it as a significant moment, though not the ultimate decider. There are plenty more instances for Joe to trip over his own words or for the incumbent’s policies to be scrutinized further.

All in all, the conservative viewpoint casts a critical eye on both this tactical move and the president it aims to shield. The countdown begins, and conservative Americans are surely gearing up to watch the political circus unfold with their preferred candidate ready to expose reality-check truths.

Written by Staff Reports

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