Media Covers for Biden as Border Crisis Spirals Out of Control

The mainstream media has bent over backwards to downplay President Joe Biden’s border debacle since the day he took office and started dismantling Trump-era policies with executive orders. Biden’s warm embrace of open borders has led to millions of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States, turning the issue into a full-blown crisis, much to the chagrin of everyday Americans.

For years, the liberal media has not only ignored the mess at the southern border but has gone so far as to shift the blame onto Republicans. The cognitive dissonance is staggering: Biden creates the hurricane, Republicans get blamed when it’s raining chaos. It’s like watching a child wreck a toy then pointing fingers at the dog.

Left-leaning media outlets wouldn’t dare identify criminals as illegal immigrants. Why shatter the make-believe narrative? They curiously forget to mention the immigration status of criminals who enter the country illegally. The Associated Press conveniently skipped over an important detail in their coverage of a tragic incident involving a 12-year-old Houston girl. The report sidestepped the fact that the perpetrators were illegal immigrants from Venezuela who strolled across the border just in time for Biden’s grand welcome.

Then there’s the case of Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student, whose life was cut short by another illegal Venezuelan immigrant in February. One has to dig deep into the liberal media’s articles to discover that the killer had a flagrant disregard for American borders. Outlets like CBS News and CNN buried the critical tidbit far down in their coverage, hoping readers would lose stamina before uncovering the truth.

The media’s collusion in covering up Biden’s border blunders is a masterclass in deceit. They have gone all out to paint the border crisis as a figment of Republican imagination. Other headlines have added layer upon layer of obfuscation, from CNN’s focus on Biden and Trump’s “dueling border visits,” to Time magazine’s fretting over a migrant crisis worsenining—courtesy of, you guessed it, Trump.

Meanwhile, the southern border has turned into a welcome mat, with over 17 million illegal immigrants making themselves at home since Biden stepped into the Oval Office. In stark contrast, Trump has thrown down the gauntlet, vowing to take an iron-fisted approach to illegal immigration if re-elected. His ambitious plan includes the “largest mass deportation effort” in history, deploying local law enforcement, the National Guard, and the military to deport nearly 20 million illegal aliens.

While Biden opens the floodgates, the media plays a rousing symphony of deflection and distraction, perfectly content to let the chaos at the border spill into America’s heartland.

Written by Staff Reports

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