Trump Backs McCormick in Pennsylvania, Aiming to Flip Senate Seat

Former President Donald Trump, an expert at rallying the troops, handed the microphone to Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate David McCormick at his legendary Philadelphia rally on Saturday. For many in attendance, it was their inaugural encounter with McCormick, a man poised to challenge the Democratic stronghold.

With McCormick lagging behind Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) by a mere 6 percentage points according to Emerson College and Marist College polls from June, he seized the spotlight to sway Trump’s voters. Unleashing a powerful indictment of the Democrats, he labeled Sen. John Fetterman as the sloppy dresser and Sen. Bob Casey as more vacant than a Biden rally. He didn’t mince words about President Joe Biden either, slamming him for the border crisis and the disastrous economic policies that have left Americans picking up the pieces.

Trump’s decision to endorse McCormick in April after bypassing him in favor of Dr. Oz in 2022 turned heads. Now, with the Trump seal of approval, McCormick is hoping to ride the MAGA wave right into the Senate. Despite many at the rally being previously unfamiliar with McCormick, their faith in Trump’s judgment had them warming up to this military veteran faster than Joe Biden can forget a name.

Most rally attendees agreed that Trump’s endorsement was gold. One spirited supporter dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit humorously stated that if Trump says jump, he’s already in the air. Another rallygoer in the Navy emphasized that Trump’s vote of confidence assured him that McCormick wouldn’t be another backstabber in Washington—a place that’s seen more flip-flops than a beach party.

Some attendees did maintain a cautious approach, choosing to dig deeper into McCormick’s credentials rather than just relying on Trump’s nod. Even undecided voters appreciated the endorsement but still insisted on their own vetting process. Looks like the only thing more thorough than a Trump supporter’s research is Hunter Biden’s attempts to cover his tracks.

Congressman Mike Kelly’s campaign echoed the significance of Trump’s endorsement, likening it to a rising tide lifting all boats. It seems McCormick’s boat just got a solid boost. Kelly’s backing, accompanied by a financial contribution, underscores the unified GOP front rallying behind McCormick.

Shippensburg University’s Alison Dagnes chimed in that Trump’s endorsements pack a punch in primaries but might be a mixed bag among some Republicans seeking a milquetoast moderate. However, anyone hoping for a vanilla-flavored candidate might just need to keep dreaming.

In sum, McCormick is charging forward with a powerful endorsement and an agenda to set the Keystone State and the nation back on the right track. The Washington Examiner reached out to McCormick for further comment. Word on the street is, he’s got a lot more to say, and if the rally was any indication, he’ll keep saying it loud and clear.

Written by Staff Reports

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