Biden Defies SCOTUS, Pushes Race Quotas at West Point!

In a shocking move, the Biden administration has come to the defense of race-based admissions practices at the U.S. Military Academy, totally disregarding the requests of a student group seeking to put an end to this nonsense. U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, representing the Justice Department and West Point, argued before the Supreme Court, claiming that a “diverse officer corps is necessary for an effective fighting force” and that race should be a “limited consideration” in selecting cadets. What a load of hogwash!

The government’s response stems from a plea by Students For Fair Admissions, a group that previously dismantled affirmative action in college applications, and is now turning its sights on West Point. This group, led by conservative legal strategist Edward Blum, rightly pointed out that military academies should be held to the same standard as civilian colleges, especially after the Supreme Court’s decision against Harvard University’s race-based practices. But of course, the Biden administration conveniently ignores this and plows ahead with its support of race-based preferences.

To make matters worse, West Point’s upcoming application deadline for the class of 2028 is looming, and it seems that SFFA just wants to ensure that fairness and equal treatment are upheld in the admissions process. SFFA argued that West Point’s admissions policies only provide preferences to three races – blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans – while completely neglecting the actual qualifications and abilities of potential cadets. It’s about time we put an end to this blatant discrimination!

Despite SFFA’s efforts to bring justice to the admissions process at West Point, U.S. District Judge Philip Halpern denied their request, essentially turning a blind eye to the issue at hand. And to add insult to injury, U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar had the audacity to claim that SFFA’s arguments “ignore” the Supreme Court’s decision in the Harvard case, conveniently omitting the fact that the Court specifically noted that military academies were not part of the case. But we’re not buying it!

As if that wasn’t enough, conservative legal groups have raised concerns that the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action policies extend beyond academia and could potentially impact other areas, such as corporate diversity and inclusion efforts. It’s clear that this administration is intent on continuing down the path of divisive policies and political correctness, at the expense of fairness and meritocracy.


Written by Staff Reports

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