Biden Faces Harsh Criticism from Unexpected Source: Blue City NFL Fans!

Even football fans in blue cities are fed up with President Joe Biden. At the AFC championship game in Baltimore, tailgaters were asked their thoughts on the president, and they didn’t hold back. Fans of the Baltimore Ravens were asked if they were proud of Biden, and the overwhelming answer was “no.” Reasons ranged from high gas prices to the state of the economy. One fan even compared the southern border to the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive line, saying it’s wide open.

When asked for advice for Biden, fans had some brutal suggestions. One woman told him to hang up his cleats, while another suggested he avoid stairs. Amidst the jokes, one woman gave a compelling answer in the context of the upcoming election. She admitted she’s not normally a Trump supporter, but if it came down to Trump vs. Biden, she would choose Trump.

These comments are especially interesting because Baltimore is a deep-blue city. It shows that even in Democratic strongholds, people can see through Biden’s facade and express their disdain for his actions and policies. The economy has only worsened since Biden took office, with gas prices consistently above $3 per gallon. GDP growth has slowed, and inflation has increased, making everyday goods and services more expensive for the average family. While the average football fan might not care much about politics, they do care about being able to afford heat for their home and food for their family, and that will influence their vote.

Written by Staff Reports

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