Biden’s DOJ Jails Prayerful Pro-Lifers: America’s New Crime Wave?

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is at it again, folks! This time, they’ve set their sights on targeting peaceful and prayerful pro-life activists. That’s right, you heard it here first! Six pro-lifers were found guilty on Tuesday of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, thanks to the all-powerful and mighty Biden administration. These poor souls could now face a whopping 11 years in federal prison. Can you believe it?

These courageous activists were simply exercising their right to gather outside the Carafem Health Center Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee on March 5, 2021. That’s when they prayed, sang hymns, and tried to convince women to choose life over abortion. But did President Biden’s DOJ care about their peaceful assembly and expression of belief? Of course not! They swooped in and slapped these defenders of life with guilty verdicts on both counts. Who knew that praying and peacefully protesting could be deemed criminal activities in today’s America?

The trial, overseen by Judge Aleta Trauger (an appointee of none other than President Bill Clinton), ended with an onslaught of guilty verdicts for all six defendants. Chet Gallagher, Coleman Boyd, Heather Idoni, Cal Zastrow, Paul Vaughn, and Dennis Green now face the grim prospect of spending over a decade behind bars, all thanks to the heavy-handed tactics of Biden’s DOJ.

And let’s not forget the intimidating manner in which the FBI arrested one of these brave pro-life advocates, Paul Vaughn. The early morning raid on his family home, with armed agents and handcuffs in front of his children, was nothing short of a tyrannical display of force. But does the Biden administration care about the impact of their actions on these individuals and their families? It seems not, as they continue to target and persecute those who stand up for the unborn with unrelenting zeal.

But the injustice doesn’t end there! The DOJ’s targeting of pro-life activists doesn’t stop at Nashville. They’ve also gone after others, like Mark Houck, who faced charges under the FACE Act. Even though local prosecutors dismissed the charges against him, the Biden administration was relentless in its pursuit. And when questioned about these aggressive tactics, FBI Director Christopher Wray shamelessly defended the raids and arrests, showing no remorse for the heavy-handed treatment of those who dare to speak out in defense of life.

But have no fear, dear readers, for members of Congress like Chip Roy, Jim Jordan, and Mike Lee are not taking this assault on pro-life activists lying down. They’ve called out the hypocrisy and bias of the Biden administration’s DOJ, highlighting the lack of arrests against violent pro-abortion extremists. In fact, they’ve even introduced legislation to repeal the oppressive FACE Act, pushing back against the crusade of the Biden administration to silence and punish those who champion the right to life.

So, there you have it, folks. President Biden’s DOJ is wielding its power to trample on the rights of pro-life advocates across the country, using the FACE Act as a weapon to silence and persecute those who stand up for the unborn. But rest assured, there are voices in Congress fighting back against this injustice, standing up for the right to life and the freedom to peacefully advocate for it. Stay tuned for more updates on this battle for the rights of the unborn!

Written by Staff Reports

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