Biden Doc Scandal: Investigators Close In On Key Suspect

Kathy Chung, a longtime aide to Joe Biden, has been thrust into the center of an investigation by the House Oversight Committee. The committee is looking into the mishandling of classified documents and possible violations of the Presidential Records Act. Chung has been linked to the Biden family since the 1990s, when she worked with Hunter Biden at the Department of Commerce. She was then recruited by Hunter to work for his father in the Vice President’s office.

Chung was sent a damning letter by the House Oversight Committee over the weekend which demanded documents and information related to the inquiry. The letter stated that Chung had keycard access to the Penn Biden Center and had helped pack up the departing Vice President’s office in January 2017. It also revealed that Hunter had proposed a job in Vice President Biden’s office to Chung in May 2012.

The letter also requested all communications between Chung and members of the Biden family, Eric Schwerin, President Biden’s personal attorneys, White House employees, Department of Justice employees, and the National Archives and Records Administration from January 20, 2009 to present.

The Daily Wire reported that Chung had no involvement with the documents found at Biden’s residence, but did lead a small team at the end of the Obama administration who placed folders into boxes in the vice president’s White House office that made their way to a transition office, and then to another temporary location in Chinatown leased by the Penn Biden Center before they finally arrived at the think tank.

It is clear that investigators are trying to get to the bottom of this scandal and uncover any possible corruption. Chung has already been interviewed by investigators, however, it is unclear if they have obtained all of the necessary information. As this story continues to develop, it will be interesting to see what else is revealed about Kathy Chung’s involvement with the Biden family.

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