Biden Dodges Calls for Cognitive Test as Concerns Over Fitness for 2024 Grow

President Joe Biden is vehemently dodging calls for a cognitive test despite a tidal wave of pressure suggesting he’s no longer fit to run in the 2024 race due to his questionable health. While old Joe might be an expert at dodging responsibility, the American public isn’t so easily fooled.

In his first post-debate interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden spun another tale worthy of a bedtime story. Claiming he had a “bad night” during the debate because of a “cold,” Biden’s excuse had all the believability of a politician promising to lower taxes. But even that was overshadowed by a New York Times headline ringing alarm bells about Biden’s increasingly common and concerning lapses.

Like any responsible journalist, Stephanopoulos pushed further, asking Biden to commit to an external cognitive test. Biden’s response was straight out of the denial playbook. The president insisted he didn’t need to take any test because, surprise, surprise, “they said I’m good.” Vague “they” strikes again.

The 2024 presidential debate did not do Biden any favors as he stumbled over words and ideas in front of millions. Democrats and Republicans alike watched in horror as Biden’s malfunctions unspooled on live television. It’s no wonder even his own party anxiously questions his ability to serve another term.

Even when Stephanopoulos asked if Biden would undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation, including neurological and cognitive tests, and release the results to the public, Biden doubled down. With the confidence of an actor in a political thriller, Biden claimed he takes a cognitive test “every single day,” effortlessly avoiding the real issue. He rambled on about running the world, ironically highlighting the very concerns people have about his mental agility.

Critics wasted no time slamming Biden for refusing to prove he’s fit for office. His defiance reads less like a confident leader and more like a man desperately trying to cling to power. The numbers don’t lie: four years ago, Biden boasted a comfortable 10-point lead over Trump. Now, he’s trailing six points behind. Even Democratic strategists like David Axelrod and Nate Silver are sounding alarm bells about Biden’s deteriorating command.

The most unsettling takeaway from this debacle is how much truth Biden’s handlers are hiding from him and, more disturbingly, from the American people. If Biden’s inability to undergo a simple cognitive test doesn’t make you question his suitability for the highest office in the land, then nothing will. And let’s not kid ourselves, folks; when the commander-in-chief can’t command, it’s time to reconsider who’s running the show.

Written by Staff Reports

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