Democrats Face Convention Chaos Amid Biden Doubts

Chaos is the new mantra for the Democrats as they gear up for their National Convention in Chicago next month. With nearly 4,000 delegates preparing to nominate President Joe Biden, there’s an overwhelming sense of uncertainty among them. After Biden’s disastrous debate performance, many are questioning his ability to lead the charge against Trump.

The nervous chatter among Congressional Democrats about Biden’s reelection prospects is impossible to ignore. Despite this, delegates interviewed by the Washington Examiner appear to be putting on a brave face, swearing their loyalty to Sleepy Joe while acknowledging the narrowing window for him to change his mind about a second term. One delegate, preferring not to be named, expressed the palpable tension and noted that though there’s apprehension, the aim to defeat Trump remains a unifying force.

Interestingly, it’s not entirely off the table for the Democrats to swap Biden out for another candidate. Per the DNC’s convoluted rulebook, there’s a methodology to replace him if he voluntarily steps aside post-convention on August 22. But don’t hold your breath; at present, delegates are trying to act like they’re all in for Biden. Michigan’s Democratic Party chairwoman, Lavora Barnes, tried to spin Biden’s poor debate showing as just a “rough night,” standing firmly by the faltering President.

On hypothetical chatter about a switch, Barnes avoided diving into speculative waters, declaring her unyielding support for Biden and Harris. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, more anonymous delegates from battleground states like Arizona are biting their tongues, with one indicating it’s far too late to entertain swapping out the top of their ticket now without playing into Republican hands.

The convention’s virtual roll call vote, initially set up thanks to Ohio’s early candidate certification deadline (since changed), still looms. The Dems plowing ahead with this unnecessary formality may signal their doubts about Biden’s swift nomination. Over on X, Representative Brad Sherman decided to stir the pot by reminding everyone that the rules don’t bind delegates to vote for Biden, encouraging Primary voters to think foremost about defeating Trump.

If by some miracle Biden steps aside—although he’s only entertaining divine intervention as a reason—support seems to be coalescing around Kamala Harris. A consensus seems to be brewing for Harris as the fallback plan, despite attempts to downplay the prospect of a messy open convention. No one wants a repeat of the raucous 1968 Democratic convention, though some Democrats might argue the party isn’t exactly a paragon of order and unity right now.

Florida delegate and former Miami-Dade Democratic Party honcho, Joseph Geller, poured some more sugar into the mixing bowl of chaos, cheerfully supporting Biden and telling others to calm down and focus. However, it’s clear that the Democrats are on unstable ground. Biden might have the numbers now, but if delegates decide to pull their support or Biden releases them, the chaos intensifies—and cue the 739 “superdelegates” to swoop in and try to save the day.

The Democratic National Convention promises to be a spectacle, possibly a disaster, but one thing’s for sure, the Republicans are watching with popcorn in hand, ready to capitalize on any stumble.

Written by Staff Reports

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