Biden Dodges Ukraine Bribery Questions: Media Silent on 14M Scandal!

Democratic President Joe Biden is avoiding questions about his Ukraine bribery scheme, according to a conservative news writer. The report claims that Steven Nelson, a brave reporter, asked Biden about Ukraine bribery and audio recordings involving him and his son, Hunter Biden. Biden reportedly laughed and shuffled away without giving a response.

Republican Rudy Giuliani, who was among former President Donald Trump’s legal advisors, claimed to have a high-level witness, the former chief accountant at Burisma, who is willing to testify against Biden. Giuliani alleges that Burisma’s chief accountant’s wife wants to turn and testify; she is willing to give details of all offshore bank accounts, including accounts of the Biden family and other corrupt politicians.

Giuliani shared the transaction that he claimed showed the Bidens received an illegal transaction of $14 million. The media, according to the article, is ignoring the story, allegedly the biggest political scandal in US history.

The conservative news writer also mentioned that Joe Biden was asked why the Ukraine/FBI informant file referred to him as “the big guy” and that Biden snapped at the reporter, saying, “Why did you ask such a dumb question?” The writer claimed that the media behaved like they did not care to cover the Biden Crime Family’s illegal bribery payments.

The news writer accuses Biden of refusing to answer any questions about his Ukraine bribery scheme, and his reportedly shielded from difficult questions from reporters. According to the report, Biden’s handlers shield him from such questions. The report highlights the allegedly corrupt nature of the strategy.

Written by Staff Reports

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