Jill Biden Shocked at Trump Support Post-Arrest: Corruption Claims Ignored?

In a recent speech, Jill Biden, the wife of President Biden, expressed her shock that people continue to support Donald Trump even after his arrest for mishandling classified documents. She made the comment to a group of wealthy donors in Manhattan’s Upper East side, where she was campaigning for her husband’s re-election.

“It is shocking that they don’t care about the indictment,” she said, before framing the 2024 election as a choice between Trump’s “chaos and corruption, hatred and division” and her husband’s “strong, steady leadership.”

However, some would question Jill Biden’s stance on corruption, given evidence that the Bidens were involved in an international influence peddling scheme. Trump himself called the indictment “the most evil and heinous abuse of power” in American history in a fiery post-arraignment speech.

Joe Biden declined to comment on the indictment, but his wife’s remarks could suggest she is acting as a surrogate for her husband’s own views. Despite this, Biden’s press secretary has refused to comment on the matter, apparently aiming to uphold the appearance of DOJ independence.

Many are skeptical of the Bidens’ claims of impartiality, given their clear political biases. However, it remains to be seen how the DOJ’s investigation of Trump will play out and how it will impact the 2024 election. One thing is clear, though: America cannot afford to go back to the dark days of Trump’s presidency.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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