Leftist Media Stokes Russia Fear, Ignores NATO’s Real Weaknesses

The leftist media is once again resorting to scare-tactics and spreading anti-Russia propaganda. NATO members are getting ready for a potential conflict with Russia, but Sir Richard Shirreff claims that the alliance is not ready for such a fight. His comments show that the alliance needs to "kick up the backside" as Shirreff also took aim at the dwindling military budgets of other alliance members, except Poland.

The alliance needs to invest in both land and air to prepare for a potential conflict in Eastern Europe due to ongoing hostilities.

The US conducted a military operation against Saddam Hussein's forces in 1990 to 1991. During that time, the US destroyed 3,000 tanks and over 2,000 artillery pieces. The leftist media may have forgotten about this operation, but even if Russia and NATO attacked each other, their response would not be similar.

The US is not ready for war with Russia. We have already suffered enough, and we can't afford another forever war under the incompetent leadership that we have at present.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, it is not yet clear if the country will become a member of NATO. However, it is important to note that Ukraine is not a member of the alliance. It is also important to consider the US' interest in preserving Ukraine.

Europe must fix its problems or risk becoming another failed state. NATO should be on the defensive and place close attention on Ukraine's borders with other alliance members such as Romania, Hungary, and Poland. In the unlikely event that Russia tries to provoke something, the alliance should be ready to respond.

The leftist media is full of fear-mongering, and the NATO is not yet prepared for a full-scale conflict with Russia. The alliance needs to invest heavily in both land and air in order to be ready for any potential confrontation with Russia. War will not benefit either side, and NATO should remain vigilant on Ukraine's borders.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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