Biden Drops Shocking Confession: America’s Ammunition Supply is Empty!

In a recent interview with CNN, President Joe Biden openly admitted that the United States is running out of ammunition. Now, one might think that this is just another example of his senility getting the best of him, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Recent reports confirm that the United States is indeed running low on ammunition, and this is a big problem.

Imagine being the President of the United States and openly announcing to your nation’s enemies that “we’ve run out of ammunition.” This is not the kind of statement that instills fear or deters aggression. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It gives our enemies a sense of confidence and a green light to do whatever they please. And with tensions between the US and China at an all-time high, this is a dangerous situation to be in.

Now, I’m not one to shy away from supporting our allies and rallying behind noble causes, but we have to be realistic here. If we continue to deplete our ammunition stockpiles, how can we project power and protect our interests abroad? It’s all well and good to send cluster munitions to Ukraine as a temporary solution, but what happens when those run out too? We can’t rely on unicorn farts and rainbows to defend ourselves.

The sad reality is that Biden’s foreign policy failures have exposed the shallow state of America’s foreign policy. It’s all about glad-handing with the Eurotrash and getting good PR, while the real issues are ignored. We need a leader who understands the importance of a strong military and who is willing to prioritize our national security over empty gestures.

I don’t care if you’re a Ukrainian nationalist or if you wanted the war to end yesterday. The fact is that one country invaded another, and the invaded country has every right to defend itself. But how can they do that if we’re running out of ammunition? We need a clear plan moving forward, one that ensures the replenishment of our ammunition stockpiles and protects our national security interests.

So, let’s not brush aside the significance of Biden’s admission. It’s not just a case of an old man misspeaking. It’s a reflection of the state of our foreign policy and the lack of strategic thinking in the Biden administration. We need leaders who understand the consequences of their actions and who prioritize the safety and security of our nation above all else. Unfortunately, it seems like we’re stuck with someone who thinks diplomacy alone can solve all our problems. Spoiler alert: it can’t.

Written by Staff Reports

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