Leftists Twist 14th Amend. in Bid to Ban Trump 2024 Run: Democracy at Risk?

In a blatant display of partisanship, radical left-wing Democrats and their so-called “civil rights organizations” are shamelessly trying to ban former President Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballots. These operatives, who go by the names of “Free Speech for People” and “Mi Familia Vota Education Fund,” are using the 14th Amendment as their flimsy excuse. It’s obvious that they’re still fuming over their failed attempts to remove Trump from office and are now resorting to desperate measures to undermine democracy.

These Democrat operatives have launched a week-long series of rallies outside the secretary of state offices in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Georgia. Their mission? To pressure election officials into bending the rules and banning Trump based on their distorted interpretation of the 14th Amendment. This is just another example of their endless obsession with demonizing and silencing anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda.

The 14th Amendment, intended to prevent former Confederates from holding public office during the Civil War, has now become a tool for these left-wing activists to attack Trump. Section 3 of the amendment, which they conveniently ignore, clearly states that Congress has the power to remove any alleged disqualification. The fact that Trump was impeached by the House but not convicted by the Senate exposes the weakness of their argument. Yet, they continue to twist the Constitution to fit their own narrative.

These liberal extremists claim that states can unilaterally enforce Section 3 without any judicial or congressional oversight. They argue that state officials can decide on Trump’s eligibility for the ballot without any proper legal proceeding. This is a dangerous precedent that undermines the fundamental principles of due process and fair representation. It’s another example of their authoritarian tendencies, seeking to bypass the checks and balances designed to protect our democracy.

It’s not surprising to see these radical leftists pushing their baseless allegations against Trump. They’re still haunted by their failed attempts to remove him from office through impeachment. Now they’re scheming with a partisan Special Counsel, Jack Smith, who they’ve tasked with carrying out their political vendettas. Trump has boldly declared his innocence, and the loyalty and support he still receives from the American people show that this witch hunt is nothing more than propaganda from sore losers.

The desperate attempts by radical left-wing Democrats and their activist organizations to ban Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballots are nothing more than an assault on our democratic processes. Their manipulative interpretation of the 14th Amendment and their disregard for due process highlight their true agenda: to silence and vilify political opponents. Conservatives must remain vigilant and defend our Constitution from this relentless assault by the radical left.

Written by Staff Reports

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