Biden Ducks Rain, Grasps for Washington’s Glory at Valley Forge!

President Joe Biden, known for being as predictable as a squirrel in traffic, has once again shook things up by moving his Jan. 6 Capitol riot anniversary speech a whole day earlier due to some “inclement weather.” Yeah, it’s a real shame the guy can’t handle a little rain, unlike the tough patriots who stood their ground at Valley Forge. And speaking of Valley Forge, that’s where he’s planning to give his speech this year. Biden is probably hoping to channel some of George Washington’s leadership, but we all know that’s about as likely as getting struck by lightning while winning the lottery.

The reason for this all seems pretty clear. Biden wants to use this anniversary to take aim at the boogeyman himself, Donald Trump. You see, Trump is not only leading the GOP primary, but he’s also facing a boatload of federal indictments. Some folks are blaming him for the mess at the Capitol on that fateful day, but let’s not act like Biden isn’t using this whole thing to take jabs at The Donald and his supporters.

Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, is out here spouting off about how Trump is a threat to democracy and how the “MAGA agenda” is apparently a danger to society. It’s like they’re trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, when really the molehill is just a bunch of hooey.

And as for those pesky Republicans, they’re keeping their distance from all this hoopla. The Trump campaign even fired back, accusing Biden of being the real threat to democracy and claiming he’s using the Department of Justice to play dirty politics. Quite the dramatic showdown, if you ask them!

Written by Staff Reports

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