Biden Eats Dust On Stairs… Yet Another Gaffe To Remember!

In yet another embarrassing display, President Joe Biden has once again stumbled and tripped his way onto the global stage. This time, it happened as he attempted to climb a short set of stairs during a visit to Philadelphia. It’s becoming quite the pattern for Biden, as he nearly face-planted while waving to the crowd at the Tioga Marine Terminal. The 80-year-old President seemed to struggle with every step, stumbling multiple times before finally reaching the safety of the podium.

But let’s not just focus on the physical mishaps of Biden, because his words were equally problematic. While the world is grappling with important issues like the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, with American lives being lost, Biden thought it was the perfect time to push his pet project of so-called “climate change.” Talk about misplaced priorities.

And if that wasn’t enough, Biden also struggled to articulate his thoughts coherently. In one moment, he claimed that climate change is “the only existential threat to humanity,” but then he seemed to lose track of his own train of thought. It’s concerning that the leader of the free world can’t even string together a few coherent sentences.

It’s clear that Biden’s focus is on the wrong things. While he’s busy preaching about climate change, there are real threats to national security and American lives at stake. And let’s not forget the potential nuclear war and the innocent Israelis being slaughtered by terrorists funded by Iran, with our own taxpayer dollars no less. It’s time for Biden to get his priorities straight and start focusing on the issues that truly matter.

Written by Staff Reports

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