Biden Face-Plants on Stairs, Ignores Economic Crisis & Terror Threats

Another day, another embarrassing stumble from our President, Joe Biden, on the global stage. This time, he couldn’t even navigate a short flight of stairs without nearly face-planting in front of a crowd in Philadelphia. It’s a good thing he wasn’t attempting a marathon!

While Biden was busy waving to the crowd at the Tioga Marine Terminal, he apparently forgot how to walk up a few steps. It’s truly impressive how someone can stumble not once, but multiple times, on such a simple task. Maybe he needs to invest in a pair of velcro shoes, so he doesn’t have to worry about tying his laces and can focus on basic motor skills instead.

Now, let’s talk about the real issues at hand. While Biden was busy tripping over his own feet, our economy is being dragged down by his disastrous economic agenda. If history is any indication, his policies will only make inflation and gas prices worse. Thanks, Mr. President, for steadily increasing the burden on hardworking Americans while you struggle to climb a staircase.

But of course, Biden wasn’t content just embarrassing himself with his physical prowess. Oh no, he also decided it was the perfect time to lecture the world about the so-called “dangers” of climate change. While there was a brutal conflict between Israel and Palestine, with American lives lost in the crossfire, Biden chose to focus on his pet project instead. Talk about misplaced priorities.

And let’s not forget the incoherent ramblings. Biden stumbled over his words just as much as he stumbled on those steps. While he tried to convince us that climate change is the only existential threat to humanity, the reality is that we are on the brink of potential nuclear war. Not to mention the fact that innocent Israelis are being brutally murdered by terrorists funded by Iran, a country that seems to have a lot of spare cash from the U.S.

It’s clear that Biden’s presidency is off to a stumbling start. From his physical mishaps to his policy failures and misplaced priorities, it’s hard not to feel like we’re all stumbling along with him. Let’s hope he finds his footing soon, for the sake of our nation and the world.

Written by Staff Reports

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