Biden Envoy’s Team in Iran Scandal: Sleeper Agents Exposed?

President Biden’s special envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, and his senior aides are facing new questions and concerns regarding their ties to Iranian officials. Recent reports from Semafor and Iran International have revealed communications indicating that Americans, including those in key positions, may have been involved in efforts to manipulate global perception of Tehran.

According to Semafor’s report, the Iran Experts Initiative (IEI), launched in 2014 under President Hassan Rouhani, played a significant role in influencing Washington’s and Europe’s policy circles. The initiative’s network provided support to Iranian diplomats, offering to ghostwrite op-eds and seeking advice on attending conferences and hearings. These participants, who included top aides to Robert Malley, were vocal proponents of a compromise with Tehran on the nuclear issue, aligning themselves with the Obama and Rouhani administrations.

One shocking revelation from the emails is the close relationship between Ariane Tabatabai, a current Pentagon official, and Iranian officials. The emails show that Tabatabai checked in with Iran’s Foreign Ministry before attending policy events and even sought their opinion on an invitation to attend a workshop in Israel. Tabatabai’s position in the Pentagon, which requires a U.S. government security clearance, raises concerns about her potential conflict of interest.

Another key player in the IEI is Ali Vaez of the International Crisis Group, a close associate of Robert Malley. Vaez shared an article on defusing the nuclear crisis with Iranian officials before its publication, indicating a level of collaboration that is unsettling. The article was then published in the National Interest with minor changes, drawing attention to the lack of transparency surrounding the sharing of information.

It is evident from the emails that the IEI participants were successful in influencing conversations about Iran in their favor. Ariane Tabatabai published several articles and gave interviews supporting Tehran’s views, while Ali Vaez was cited in major U.S. newspapers throughout the negotiation period of the Iran nuclear deal. These revelations raise serious questions about the integrity of Malley and his team.

Former State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus has called for an immediate investigation into these potential Iranian sleeper agents within the Biden administration. She believes that experts have been warning about Iranian infiltration for years, citing the close association between a former aide to Malley and his ties to former President Hassan Rouhani. Ortagus also points out Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif’s admission of using Ali Vaez to influence Western negotiators, emphasizing the urgency of uncovering the extent of Iranian influence operations in the United States.

Congressional and law enforcement investigations are necessary to ensure that U.S. national security is not compromised by these alleged ties to Iranian officials. We cannot allow our enemies to undermine the important issue of Iran’s nuclear program and jeopardize the safety and interests of the American people. It is imperative that action is taken swiftly to protect our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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