Biden Explodes Over Family Scandal Question

Joe Biden, the esteemed President of the United States, had a total meltdown when a reporter had the audacity to ask him about his involvement in his family’s corrupt business endeavors. Fox News’ fearless journalist Peter Doocy had the nerve to inquire about Devon Archer’s recent confirmation that Biden, yes, Biden himself, had met with and talked on the phone with his son’s shady foreign business partners. And let’s just say, Biden’s response was less than presidential.

In a fit of rage, Biden barked at Doocy, criticizing his question as “lousy” and not worthy of his attention. Oh, Joe, how quick you are to dismiss any inquiry that may shine a light on your conveniently forgotten dealings. It seems like the self-proclaimed “transparent” leader prefers to operate in the shadows, away from any accountability.

But let’s not brush over the bombshell dropped by Devon Archer during his recent testimony before the House. Archer made it crystal clear that Biden was, in fact, the brand that his son, Hunter, shamelessly peddled abroad. Biden even had the time to chat on speakerphone with Hunter’s sketchy partners a whopping 20 times. Talk about a family affair!

Archer further revealed that Biden attended not one but two dinners with his son’s questionable associates. The question on everyone’s mind is what exactly was on the menu during those dinners? Deals being cooked up behind closed doors, perhaps? The American people deserve answers, but Biden and his cronies conveniently ignore the substance of Archer’s testimony, instead latching onto feigned innocence.

Democrats and their allies in the media prefer to manipulate Archer’s words, emphasizing his claim that Biden only discussed casual topics like the weather during these dubious phone calls. Let’s call it what it is—a desperate attempt to cover up potential corruption. Even Democrat Dan Goldman shamelessly lied to the public, twisting Archer’s words to fit their narrative. The mere appearance of access, as Archer admitted, holds value in the seedy world of influence peddling.

And it’s rich to see the White House backpedaling on their previous denials. While they initially denied any inkling of Biden’s involvement, they now resort to claiming that Biden was never actively engaged in business with his son. Well, sorry, but that’s a flimsy excuse. As Archer himself pointed out in an interview with the brilliant Tucker Carlson, Biden was well aware of Hunter’s business endeavors. He met with Hunter’s partners, and there’s even a letter proving it. Deception, thy name is Biden.

This recent episode only serves to reveal Biden’s true nature. He crumbles under even the slightest bit of scrutiny. It’s evident that the President is fully aware of the incriminating evidence against him, hence his childish outburst directed at Doocy. Biden has been shielded by the media for far too long, cocooned in a protective bubble where he faces no consequences for his actions.

The American people deserve a leader who welcomes scrutiny, embraces accountability, and upholds the highest ethical standards. Unfortunately, Joe Biden falls far short of that standard. And until he can address these valid concerns surrounding his family’s business dealings, the cloud of suspicion will continue to loom over his administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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