Fulton Judge Turns Courtroom Into Comedy Club During Trump’s Indictments!

In a surprising turn of events, a Georgia grand jury has indicted former President Donald Trump on 10 felony charges related to his actions during the 2020 election. The indictments were approved by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney after hours of deliberation.

Earlier in the day, there was a mishap at the court clerk’s office, as a document detailing the possible charges against Trump was accidentally posted on the court’s website. The charges include violations of the state’s anti-racketeering law, conspiracy, false statements, and pressuring a public official to breach their oath of office.

It is still unclear when the official indictment will be unveiled, and whether Trump’s associates, like Rudy Giuliani, will also face charges. The grand jury’s discussions concluded earlier than expected, with some witnesses being released without testifying.

Naturally, the Trump campaign was quick to criticize Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, accusing her of being a “rabid partisan.” This is just another example of the left’s relentless attacks on Trump even after he left office.

One can’t help but wonder if this indictment is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt. It seems that Democrats will stop at nothing to try and discredit Trump and his supporters. We must stay vigilant and not let their biased tactics divide us as a nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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