Hunter Biden Probe: Special Counsel Shenanigans Exposed

In a move that has left many Republicans scratching their heads, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss as a special counsel in the investigation of Hunter Biden. However, conservatives are not impressed, and for good reason.

They have pointed out that Weiss previously allowed the statute of limitations to run out on multiple felony charges that could have been brought against the president’s son. This is a serious lapse in judgment, and it raises questions about Weiss’ competence and impartiality.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner expressed his concerns about Weiss’ actions during a recent interview. Turner highlighted congressional testimony from IRS whistleblowers who claimed that they faced interference from the Department of Justice when investigating Hunter Biden for tax violations. These allegations only add fuel to the fire and suggest that Weiss may have been working in favor of the Biden family.

It’s not just Republicans who are suspicious of Weiss’ handling of the case. Even longtime Democrat and former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz has raised eyebrows. Dershowitz, who has been practicing law for six decades, has never seen the statute of limitations run out during an investigation. This lapse is highly irregular and calls into question Weiss’ credibility as a prosecutor.

Dershowitz also criticized Weiss’ appointment as a special counsel, arguing that the regulation clearly states that special counsels must come from outside the government. This is for good reason – special counsels should not be subject to political influence or pressure from the administration. By appointing Weiss, Garland has potentially compromised the integrity of the investigation.

It’s clear that Weiss’ actions have undermined confidence in the investigation into Hunter Biden. Republicans and even some Democrats are rightly questioning his judgment and impartiality. This is not a good look for the Biden administration, and it only reinforces conservatives’ concerns about potential corruption within the Biden family. The American people deserve a thorough and impartial investigation, and it’s important that those responsible for carrying it out can be trusted to do so without any political bias.

Written by Staff Reports

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