Dem Candidate Takes CCP Cash & Cozies Up to Bidens!

In a major development, it has been reported that Brandon Presley, who is running for governor of Mississippi, accepted donations from a person who is linked to the Chinese Communist party. Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, also received donations from this individual. It seems that Mr. Presley did not get the memo about the importance of opposing China and American values.

In case you didn't catch it earlier, Fox News reported that Presley received a $10,000 donation from Pinni, the president of the Wanxiang America company. Pin Ni is a big shot within the organization, and he reportedly has a fondness for the Communist Party of China.

The Communist Party of China has also recognized the founder of a company known as Lu Guanqiu for his achievements. According to him, the establishment of an enterprise is an integral part of the party's culture and should be handled by the correct leadership. This is why it is very strange that the candidate who is running for office is supporting a party that is linked to the CCP.

It's no surprise that Hunter Biden is constantly in the news, given that he is the son of the US president. Less than a week after Pinni and the other Wanxiang executives met with Joe Biden at a White House event in 2014, Hunter received an email regarding his Fisker. Despite the loss he suffered, Hunter was still able to get a good deal on a new car thanks to Pin Ni.

In addition to accepting donations from questionable individuals, Presley has also been known to cozy up with both Stacey Abrams, who was a failed candidate for governor of Georgia, and Phil Munger, a multi-millionaire Democrat from New York. This is a classic example of corruption in politics. It seems that Presley's idea of being moderate is based on accepting money from extremists.

Mississippi voters have to ask themselves if they want a governor who accepts donations from a Chinese Communist Party member and has close ties to the Bidens, who are currently embroiled in a scandal. I would prefer a leader who is focused on putting America first. It's clear that Presley is not a moderate, and he should not be allowed to bring his radical ideas to the state.

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