Biden Exploits Iowa Tragedy to Peddle Pointless Gun Grab

President Biden shamelessly used a tragic school shooting in Iowa as a platform to push his radical gun control agenda during a speech at a church in Charleston. But let’s not get it twisted—his proposal wouldn’t have done squat to prevent the heart-wrenching incident from happening in the first place.

According to the facts, the Iowa shooting was carried out by a 17-year-old who was armed with a pump shotgun and a small caliber handgun. And in a devastating turn of events, a sixth grader lost their life before the 17-year-old shooter took his own. Now, Biden’s big idea to combat this kind of violence? Pushing for an “assault weapons” ban, which conveniently wouldn’t even apply to the weapons used in the Iowa tragedy. Brilliant, right?

And as if that’s not enough, he also threw in a pitch for universal background checks into the mix. But let’s be real here—this shooter was way too young to legally buy a firearm in the first place. So, what good would a background check do when they’re already breaking the law by just having the guns?

The gun control group Newtown Action Alliance, not missing out on an opportunity to exploit tragedy, also jumped on the “assault weapons” ban bandwagon in response to the Iowa shooting. It seems like they’re all about pushing an agenda instead of finding real solutions for preventing these heartbreaking incidents.

So, there we have it—Biden playing politics with tragedy and pushing ineffective policies that won’t do a darn thing to stop criminals from committing heinous acts. It’s time to call a spade a spade and stop using tragedies as an excuse to trample on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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