Biden Eyes Swift as Secret 2024 Weapon: Will She Risk Her Brand?

President Joe Biden is wasting no time in gearing up for the 2024 general election, especially now that it seems former President Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee. And who does Biden have his eye on to help him get the young vote? None other than pop sensation Taylor Swift.


You may recall that Swift endorsed Biden back in 2020 and one of her TikTok posts alone resulted in a staggering 35,000 new voter registrations. With her massive following of 279 million, it’s clear that Swift holds considerable influence, and she’s not exactly a fan of Donald Trump.

But will she come to Biden’s aid? It’s a risky move for Swift. Most of her fans aren’t necessarily interested in politics, and if she aligns herself too closely with Biden, it could damage her billion-dollar brand. We’ve seen it happen before to other activist-celebrities.

However, Swift has never been shy about her political opinions, and they all seem to align with the Democratic Party. It’s hard to believe she’ll stay silent for the next nine months. If she can strike a balance between voicing her views and avoiding appearing as a Biden shill, she could potentially be more impactful than any other celebrity or influencer.

The New York Times recently published an article suggesting that Swift could be Biden’s secret weapon. Alongside California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has also called on Swift to use her enormous reach to support Biden, the Times argues that she has profound power to sway young voters.

After a Republican primary debate last September, Newsom himself praised Swift, saying, “What she was able to accomplish just in getting young people activated… I think, is profoundly powerful.” And let’s not forget the attention she’s garnered since dating Travis Kelce, which only adds weight to Newsom’s argument.

Biden is already seeking the help of influencers, with a TikTok video of his impromptu visit to a supporter’s home garnering millions of views. But if Swift were to hop on board, she would undoubtedly be the ultimate influencer for Biden’s campaign. The question remains: Does she truly support Biden, or does she merely despise Trump? This crucial distinction may dictate her actions over the next nine months.

In the end, it’s clear that President Biden is looking for any advantage he can get to secure his reelection. And if Taylor Swift is willing to use her considerable influence, it could be a game-changer. Let’s hope she chooses wisely and doesn’t let politics tarnish her superstar status.

Written by Staff Reports

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