Bitter Bolton’s Baseless Bashing: Another Anti-Trump Tirade on CNN

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton came out swinging, yet again, with more anti-Trump rhetoric on CNN’s “The Source.” The anchor, Kaitlan Collins, dished out the leading questions, seemingly eager to validate Bolton’s biased narrative. It’s like they’re all members of the Anti-Trump Fan Club! Bolton boldly proclaimed that if President Trump were to be reelected, it would lead to absolute chaos in the government. Who does he think he is, Nostradamus? Give us a break!


Bolton suggested that Trump would wreak havoc through the Justice Department and other agencies, stirring up so much drama that government functions would “almost break down.” Talk about hyperbole! It’s as if Bolton is auditioning for a role in a political soap opera. And then, he had the audacity to claim that Trump doesn’t grasp the concept of national interest or American security. That’s rich coming from someone who’s turned into the poster child for Never-Trumpers!

Bolton is clearly still bitter about his time in the Trump administration and is now dishing out salacious predictions like a disgruntled fortune teller. He even had the nerve to promote his own book during the interview, as if anyone needed a reminder that he’s trying to cash in on his anti-Trump crusade. It’s like a broken record with this guy! It’s time for Bolton to find a new gig and let the rest of us get on with Making America Great Again.


Written by Staff Reports

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