Biden Faces Intense Criticism for Threatening to Halt Ammo to Israel

President Joe Biden is facing criticism from Republicans and former supporters for his decision to threaten to stop sending ammunition to Israel if the nation invades Rafah. The president’s move has sparked outrage among those who believe it is a betrayal of an important ally in the fight against terrorism.

Actor Michael Rapaport, who previously supported Biden, publicly denounced the president for abandoning Israel in a time of need. He expressed his disappointment in a video and on social media, stating that he is “un-endorsing” President Biden. This backlash from a former supporter emphasizes the growing discontent with the president’s foreign policy decisions.

Additionally, a pro-Israel super PAC condemned Biden’s actions as unforgivable and accused him of prioritizing political gain over supporting the Jewish state. The president of American Fortitude, Aaron Evans, criticized Biden for turning his back on Israel and promised to hold him accountable politically. The formation and intentions of this PAC reflect the strong opposition to President Biden’s stance on Israel.

At the same time, even members of President Biden’s own party have expressed their disappointment with his decision. Senator John Fetterman voiced his disagreement with the president’s actions, further highlighting the bipartisan criticism of Biden’s foreign policy.

Overall, President Biden’s threat to halt ammunition shipments to Israel has sparked widespread backlash. The decision has sparked strong disapproval from both Republicans and Democrats, signaling growing discontent with the president’s foreign policy approach.

Written by Staff Reports

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