Biden Falls for Gender Wage Gap Myth AGAIN: Here’s The Truth

President Biden has once again shown his willingness to spread misleading and false information by publicly endorsing the debunked gender wage gap myth. The president shared a handwritten note he allegedly received from a child named “Charlotte,” claiming that men make more money than girls and urging Biden to “fix” the situation. Conservative commentators and Twitter users alike were quick to question the authenticity of the letter and criticize Biden for promoting a myth that has been thoroughly debunked.

It is well-known and accepted that the gender wage gap is a myth that ignores the many factors that contribute to differences in average earnings between men and women. The gap is usually calculated by looking at the average earnings of all men and women working full-time, without taking into account the multitude of factors that contribute to earnings, such as occupation, education, experience, and hours worked. By perpetuating this myth, Biden is spreading misinformation and creating a false sense of inequality that harms both men and women.

It is clear that what the president should be doing is focusing on policies that remove barriers to women’s success and create opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender. Instead of promoting false narratives, Biden should be supporting measures that encourage women to enter and excel in high-paying fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and advocating for policies that help women and men balance work and family responsibilities, such as flexible work arrangements, paid parental leave, and affordable child care.

The so-called Equal Pay Day that Biden used to promote this myth was created by a left-wing advocacy group, the National Committee on Pay Equity, and has been criticized as a political stunt that lacks any real basis in fact. The president should stop relying on ideologically motivated groups and start basing his policies on sound data and evidence. The gender wage gap may be a useful myth for some politicians, but it is not a real problem that needs fixing.

Written by Staff Reports

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