“The View” Shames Fox News for Portraying Harris as “Foolish”!

The hosts of The View have been quick to come to the defense of Vice President Kamala Harris, blaming Fox News for convincing Americans that she is a “bumbling fool.” Co-host Ana Navarro, who claims to be a Republican, scolded Democrats for failing to “reinforce” Harris more assertively ahead of the 2024 election cycle, and blamed racism and sexism for her profound unpopularity.

Sunny Hostin then delved into an unhinged rant praising black women, claiming they have “saved this country’s democracy for centuries.” Co-host Sarah Haines attempted to point out Harris’ “repetitive” speech, which has been spoofed even by liberals at The Daily Show, but Navarro compared Harris to Winston Churchill, saying even the British statesman could be made to look bad.

It’s clear that The View is trying to prop up Harris’ image in order to protect the Biden Administration from any potential embarrassment. However, Harris’ lack of popularity is not due to racism or sexism, but rather her own ineptitude. Her failure to unequivocally endorse Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a prime example of her inability to do her job without constant validation.

The View’s defense of Harris is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the vice president’s incompetence and lack of leadership. The American people deserve better than a vice president who can’t stand on her own two feet without the help of her liberal cohorts.

Written by Staff Reports

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