Biden Family in Hot Water as 40 Sources Spill Secrets to FBI!

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wants the Department of Justice and the FBI to explain how they checked out the confidential sources who supposedly gave federal investigators information about crimes involving the Biden family. Grassley wrote to the agencies and asked for a lot of different kinds of records to find out if the information from these sources was properly looked into or not. Grassley thinks it wouldn't be strange if the sources were improperly shut down because the FBI has a history of doing things that aren't clear.

As Republicans in the House continue to look into President Joe Biden's impeachment, Grassley's requests are very important for looking into how the DOJ handled its own probe into Hunter Biden. Some people who spoke out say that the investigation was put off to protect the Bidens. As a strong supporter of people who report wrongdoing, Grassley has been looking into claims about the DOJ's probe into Hunter Biden for many years.

Grassley said that the DOJ had been blocking him on this problem since 2019 and couldn't do anything about it. But this year, the department has been more sensitive to the detailed requests made by congressional committees, especially those from House Republicans who keep asking for information about Biden. Grassley's letter comes after he released an FD-1023 form in July that said Joe and Hunter Biden each took $5 million in bribes. It was said on the form that Joe Biden used his power as vice president to protect an energy company in Ukraine while his son held a lucrative board post.

Grassley says that some FBI agents tried to hide the form by saying it was caused by fake news from other countries. On the other hand, Grassley says that the information is backed up by other FBI papers from different offices. Senator Markey stressed that the FD-1023 was based on information from a reliable, well-paid FBI source with a history of honesty.

Even though they said they got Grassley's letter, the FBI and DOJ both chose not to say anything in response. It's great that Grassley is working to find the truth and make these organizations answerable. The DOJ and FBI are supposed to protect the people of the United States and enforce the law, so it is important to question their actions and honesty.

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