Biden Finally Picks Up Phone for Families of Missing Americans in Israel!

President Joe Biden took the time to have a call with the families of the 14 Americans who are still missing in Israel after the recent terrorist attacks. He made sure to let them know that they are in his prayers and that the United States government is working tirelessly to bring their loved ones home. It’s good to see that Biden is prioritizing the safety of Americans held hostage.

Joining Biden on the call were his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, and other key members of his team. The White House believes that only a small number of the missing Americans are among the hostages being held in Gaza. The rest are still unaccounted for.

Biden spoke about the importance of bringing American hostages home safely and has deployed additional experts to assist the Israelis in their recovery efforts. It’s reassuring to know that he is taking this issue seriously.

The terrorist attacks in southern Israel were absolutely horrific, with over 1,300 people losing their lives. Innocent civilians were executed, raped, and burned alive, and even babies were among the dead. These attacks targeted people at an outdoor concert and in small communities near the Gaza border. It’s sickening to see the depths these terrorists will sink to.

Meanwhile, Israel has been fighting back, dropping 6,000 bombs on Gaza in an effort to protect their citizens. The strikes have unfortunately caused many civilian casualties and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Israel is now considering a ground incursion into northern Gaza, but there are concerns about the feasibility of a massive evacuation within a short time frame.

It’s clear that Hamas is using innocent civilians as human shields, hiding within the population and urging them not to evacuate. The world needs to see the reality of what is happening here – Israel is defending itself against terrorists who show no regard for human life. We must stand with Israel in their fight against terror.

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