Biden Flips Burgers for Military in Bid to Salvage Struggling Campaign

Joe Biden is once again donning the apron and flipping burgers for the military, a classic political maneuver that hopes to distract from his recent debate debacle. It seems ol’ Joe is sticking to his playbook of using good old patriotic events to mask even his own party members' concerns about his ability to handle the big chair for another term.

Scheduled for 5:15 p.m., this barbecue is set to be Biden’s fifth public appearance since he stumbled through last week’s debate. The commander-in-chief will address service members, veterans, and their families – a crowd that’s surely deserved better from their leadership in recent years. Over a few Democrats are shifting uncomfortably in their seats, wondering if Joe should hang up his presidential ambitions and head for a quieter life in Delaware.

This address is a make-or-break moment for Biden. He needs to convince voters, not to mention his skeptical supporters, that he’s still got what it takes to lead this nation. It’s quite the spectacle to see a sitting president having to re-earn his stripes from his own party, but that’s the reality when your track record includes leaving Americans in Afghanistan, soaring inflation, and a border that resembles a sieve.

There’s nothing like a BBQ to try and spice up a faltering campaign, but the sizzle might not be enough to overpower the heated calls for Biden to withdraw from the race. Some Democrats are already pining for Kamala Harris to step up – an interesting choice considering her approval ratings make Biden’s numbers look stellar by comparison.

So, here we are, with Biden flipping patties and flipping out Democratic lawmakers. Let’s see if his charm offensive can gloss over the massive questions about his fitness for office or if this BBQ will just be remembered as the last supper of a waning political career.

Written by Staff Reports

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