Biden Flubs Grieving Mom’s Plea: Epic State of Union Fail!

In a spicy retort on everyone’s favorite online drama platform, Facebook, Allyson Phillips gave hairy eyeball to President Biden after he fumbled the ball on her late daughter Laken Riley’s name during the big State of the Union shindig. Phillips was like, “Biden, seriously? Get a grip, man! You couldn’t even say my girl’s name right, even when Greene was breathing down your neck to get it right. It’s plain embarrassing!” You go, Allyson!

The brouhaha happened as Biden was waltzing into the congressional joint session to unleash his State of the Union spiel. Out pops Marjorie Taylor Greene from the woodwork, giving Biden a good ol’ jab, “Hey Joe, say her name!” Riley, at the tender age of 22, had met a tragic end allegedly at the hands of an undocumented immigrant while out on a jog. Oh, the horror!

With all eyes on him, Joe veered off course from his speech on immigration and tried to do some damage control. But lo and behold, he let loose the name “Lincoln” instead of Riley. The New York Times even had it down in black and white in their transcript. Oopsie daisy, Joe better get those spectacles checked!

As the dust settled, the Biden crew stayed zipped up about the whole kerfuffle. Perhaps hoping it would vanish into thin air like a bad dream. But nope, the internet never forgets, and Phillips sure ain’t letting this one slide. The mishap just goes to show how flimsy the Biden train can be when put under pressure and how important it is for our leaders to pay attention to the details. Don’t mess with Mama Bear!

Written by Staff Reports

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