Biden Fumbles Timeline of Pandemic in NAACP Speech Sparking Backlash at Morehouse

President Joe Biden made a big mistake during an event with the NAACP when he wrongly said he was the vice president during the Covid-19 pandemic. Actually, that job belonged to Mike Pence when the pandemic happened with President Trump in charge. Biden said some confusing things about going to Detroit to fix the pandemic, mixing up the timeline of events from when he was vice president with Barack Obama.

Biden was speaking at Morehouse College when he made the blunder. Some people at the college were already upset with Biden’s presence there and turned their backs on him as he talked about issues like the conflict in the Middle East. The president also mentioned that black Americans have to work much harder to be treated fairly in the country, which is a common conservative talking point that promotes individual responsibility.

During his speech, Biden mentioned his surprise at the push to ban certain books and erase history, referring to current debates over what kids should learn in school. He also talked about forgiving student loan debt without going through the Supreme Court, showing a disregard for the proper legal process. Biden’s support among black voters has been dropping, which could hurt him in the upcoming elections.

Biden’s missteps and declining popularity with black voters could give his opponents an advantage in the next elections. It’s important for politicians to be honest and accurate when talking about important events like the pandemic and to follow the correct procedures when making big decisions like forgiving student loans. It will be interesting to see how these issues play out in the upcoming debates and elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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