Bill Maher Criticizes Biden’s Age, Dismisses Trump’s Voter Appeal

Talk show host Bill Maher criticized President Biden’s age, but failed to recognize the appeal of former President Trump’s humor to voters. Maher expressed his concern on the Gutfeld! show, suggesting that he was bothered by the indication that Trump was “winning” as the November presidential election approaches. Maher went on to berate Trump, calling him an insurrectionist who doesn’t believe in democracy and labeling him as insane, a criminal, and stupid. He also commented on Biden’s presentation, pointing out that Biden appears “old and ancient,” and compared Trump’s appearance to that of the band KISS from 1976.

Maher’s remarks come amidst new polling showing Trump leading Biden in several swing states, including Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Maher’s criticism of Biden and his dismissive attitude toward Trump’s appeal to voters reflects the ongoing division in American politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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