Biden Hands Ukraine’s Economy to Obama Insider Pritzker!

In a move that reinforces the Biden administration’s cozy relationship with the Obama era, President Joe Biden has chosen Penny Pritzker, a multi-billionaire heiress and former commerce secretary, to lead Ukraine’s economic recovery efforts. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made the announcement during President Biden’s sixth meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky at the White House. Sullivan revealed that Pritzker, known for her close ties to Barack Obama, will spearhead efforts to attract international investment to Ukraine and collaborate with the private sector, partner countries, and Ukrainian officials to bring about much-needed reforms and foster a favorable business climate.

Despite her controversial track record, which includes her role in the subprime mortgage collapse at Superior Bank, Pritzker’s connection to the Obama administration seems to have outweighed any political liabilities. Shortly after the 2008 election, she was denied a cabinet position due to her involvement in the financial crisis. However, when memories of the Wall Street meltdown had faded, Pritzker was later nominated to be Secretary of Commerce. Notably, her tenure in this role oversaw the transfer of American control of internet domain names, a decision criticized by many conservatives.



Furthermore, Pritzker’s involvement in Ukraine raises concerns about her knowledge of the Biden family’s dealings in the country. As Secretary of Commerce, she played a role in the announcement of billion-dollar loan guarantees to Ukraine, which were later tied to Vice President Biden’s influence over the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son Hunter Biden’s company, Burisma. Regrettably, Pritzker has yet to address these crucial questions about potential conflicts of interest.

It is deeply troubling that President Biden has chosen to appoint a figure so closely aligned with the previous administration to oversee Ukraine’s economic recovery. This decision raises questions about the true motives behind his administration’s actions and whether they are genuinely in the best interest of the American people.

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