Hidden Hunter Mugshot: Deep State Protects the Biden Family

The Justice Department took a mugshot of Hunter Biden, but they’re hiding it like a dirty little secret. Isn’t it interesting how they conveniently buried this important detail in the recesses of a CNN report? It’s almost as if the liberal media doesn’t want you to know about it. But I’m here to give you the real scoop!

Now, if Hunter’s mugshot is being suppressed, it only proves what we conservatives have been saying all along – the Department of Justice has been weaponized against conservatives. It’s all part of the liberal deep state’s plan to protect their precious Biden family at all costs. President Trump, the fearless fighter that he is, had his mugshot released to the public when he faced indictment. But Hunter? Oh no, they want to sweep his crimes under the rug.

Let’s not forget how Hunter’s mugshot came to be. He landed himself in court when his plea deal fell apart. His lawyer spilled the beans and confessed that the oh-so-honorable U.S. Marshalls Service and Probation snapped that mugshot of Hunter. But where is it? They claim it’s against policy to release mugshots of federal defendants, but we all know it’s just an excuse to protect the Bidens.

Here’s the real kicker: Trump’s mugshot was taken in Georgia, where he’s facing charges in state court. That’s right, four indictments by three different prosecutors, all of whom conveniently align themselves with the Biden party. Talk about a double standard! The justice system has become a political tool wielded by the Democrats to silence their opponents. It’s enough to make you want to grab your red hat and march in protest.

And let’s not forget the sweetheart deal that Hunter almost got away with. It would have kept him out of jail and shielded him from future charges. But the truth unraveled, and he was finally indicted for lying on a gun form. But of course, the charges are merely a distraction from the real corruption surrounding the Biden family’s business deals. It’s all a smokescreen, my friends.

Special Counsel David Weiss, who’s overseeing the probe, tried to belatedly save face by denying Hunter’s request to appear at his arraignment over video. He wants to uphold the public’s trust, he says. Can you believe the audacity? But here’s the kicker – he even compared Hunter’s situation to Trump’s. The nerve!

Despite Weiss’s feeble attempt to restore faith in the justice system, we won’t be satisfied until Hunter’s mugshot sees the light of day. We need to know that no one, not even the elite Biden family, is above the law. The American people deserve transparency, honesty, and equal treatment under the law. It’s time to drain the swamp and expose the corruption that has infested our justice system.

Written by Staff Reports

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