Biden & Harris Join Pro-Abortion Rally, VP’s Bizarre Speech Exposes Left’s Agenda!

One year has passed since the controversial decision by Judge Dobbs, which overturned Roe v. Wade, and left-wing activists are still debating its significance. They're not happy with how the issue is being handled, and they're observing the anniversary through an unusual manner.

At an event organized by some of the country's leading pro-abortion groups on June 23, Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were there. The two were joined by other prominent politicians and activists. During her speech, Harris delivered an incoherent and nonsensical message.

Even though her prepared remarks were posted on the White House website, Kamala Harris decided to go off-script during her speech. This is not a good idea for someone who has a poor cognitive capacity. According to various reports, she avoids looking like an idiot by not reading the notes and memos of her staff. This has led to people leaving her job and allegations that she fosters a toxic work atmosphere.

It is well-known that Kamala Harris cannot chew and walk at the same time. Her nonsensical statements highlight this fact.

The decision by Judge Dobbs was a victory for pro-lifers in the US. It allowed states to decide the issue of abortion, instead of being dictated by activist judges. Harris may be wrong in her assessment of the progress that has been made regarding protecting the rights of unborn children, but everyone should celebrate the progress that has been made.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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