Biden Has Not Reached Out to Hunter’s Daughter Reveals Lunden Roberts

President Joe Biden has not contacted his granddaughter, according to Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden's daughter Navy Joan Roberts, who made this revelation in a recent interview with television host Piers Morgan. Roberts, who was once Hunter's aide, revealed that neither the president nor his son had had face-to-face meetings with Navy. Roberts did note, however, that Hunter has made an attempt to establish a rapport with his daughter through frequent phone conversations and Zoom meetings.

Hearing that President Biden has not been in touch with his granddaughter is really disheartening, particularly in light of how crucial family ties are. Better involvement and communication from the head of our country's family is something that one would wish for.

The specifics of Roberts' child support disagreement with Hunter, which was settled in June 2023, were also covered. In July 2023, the Biden family acknowledged Navy at last, indicating some progress in acknowledging her presence.

The news that Hunter Biden is presently being tried for three federal firearms offenses, including making false claims and having a gun while abusing narcotics, is alarming. This emphasizes how crucial it is to obey the law and accept responsibility for one's conduct, regardless of one's familial ties.

All things considered, the circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden, Lunden Roberts, and Navy Joan Roberts show the intricacies of familial relationships and legal issues. All people should emphasize their connections with their loved ones and complete their responsibilities, regardless of their social level.

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