Biden Health Crisis Unveiled, Dems Urge 2024 Step Down After Debate Disaster

Catastrophic would be an understatement to describe the current situation for Joe Biden. Ever since the unforgettable June 27 debate, where Biden seemed lost and stammered like a student who hadn’t done his homework, Democrats have been frantically passing the microphone around, urging him to step down from the 2024 presidential race. Their loud cries are now setting off alarm bells across liberal enclaves.

The fallout from Biden’s abysmal debate performance has finally cornered the mainstream media into acknowledging what conservative media have been saying since his basement campaign days: Biden is far from the picture of health he’s been pretending to be. Pretending that Biden is a mentally fit leader? That farce has officially ended.

Media outlets are now all but lining up to call out Biden’s apparent struggle with cognitive decline. They’ve only just started echoing what countless conservative voices have been flagging for years: Biden’s displaying signs of dementia.

Now, with the mainstream media giving the green light to scrutinize the President’s health, a parade of experts, including some lifelong Democrats, are surfacing to diagnose the president from afar. The most damning example occurred Monday, when Dr. Tom Pitts, a neurologist featured on NBC News, decisively declared that Biden shows all the signs of Parkinson’s, a degenerative disorder often leading straight to dementia.

Dr. Pitts, not mincing words, made it clear Biden’s issues are as plain as day. He firmly stated that diagnosing Biden’s condition could be done from a mile away. He even went on to compare the media’s previous reluctance to a Soviet-style coverup. It’s a little rich coming from a Democrat, but hey, welcome to the reality. 


Ironically, while this circus about Biden’s health is playing out, at least it’s diverting attention from his disastrous policies. Americans shouldn’t let the ongoing spectacle distract them from the hard truths about Biden’s governance as the November elections inch closer.

Biden’s crumbling public image is proving yet again why he’s unfit to lead. It’s almost impressive how quickly the cards have fallen, revealing a house built on shaky foundations. The question now isn’t if Biden should resign, but when – before or after the midterms do the job for him.

Written by Staff Reports

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