Biden Ignores 7th Grandchild: Dodging Questions and Love

The White House is once again avoiding answering tough questions, as Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre skillfully dodged a reporter’s inquiry about President Biden’s refusal to acknowledge his illegitimate grandchild. The New York Times recently reported on the existence of Navy Joan Roberts, Hunter Biden’s daughter, but it seems the President and his aides don’t want to acknowledge her.

When asked about President Biden’s relationship with his granddaughter, Jean-Pierre deflected, refusing to provide any information. This comes as no surprise, considering the Biden administration’s track record of avoiding transparency and accountability.

While President Biden has publicly proclaimed that he has six grandchildren, the Times report revealed that he actually has seven. It turns out that President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have never even met Roberts, their own flesh and blood. This lack of acknowledgement is puzzling, given that the Bidens claim to value family so highly.

Interestingly enough, during last year’s Christmas celebrations, the Bidens were keen to show off their familial bond, hanging stockings for each of their six acknowledged grandchildren. It seems that little Navy Joan Roberts was left out in the cold, figuratively speaking.

The situation becomes even more perplexing when considering the questionable circumstances surrounding Robert’s birth. Hunter Biden became entangled in a messy child support case with Lunden Roberts, the child’s mother, who is a former stripper and ex-employee. Reports suggest that Hunter agreed to lower child support payments in exchange for some of his own paintings and a stipulation that Roberts’ daughter would not carry the Biden family name.

One can’t help but wonder why the Bidens, who claim to champion progressiveness and inclusivity, are refusing to acknowledge their own granddaughter. In today’s society, the stigma around out-of-wedlock births is greatly diminished. So why the silence? Could it be that Hunter Biden’s current wife, Melissa Cohen, wants to keep Roberts out of their lives? It’s possible that Cohen has influenced the family’s decision to turn their backs on an innocent child.

Regardless of the reasons, the President and the First Lady find themselves in an uncomfortable position. Their refusal to acknowledge Navy Joan Roberts while doting on their other grandchildren makes them appear heartless and petty. It’s clear that the Bidens are cherry-picking which grandchildren are worthy of their attention and love.

President Biden frequently touts the importance of family and portrays his clan as a tight-knit group. However, by ignoring Navy Joan Roberts and refusing to acknowledge her due to her illegitimate status and her mother’s past, Biden’s actions contradict his words. This hypocrisy makes him look like either a blatant hypocrite or an elitist snob.

Perhaps the increased scrutiny surrounding this issue will force a positive change within the Biden family. Maybe it will open their eyes to the importance of treating all grandchildren equally and accepting them without judgment. Only time will tell if they are capable of introspection and learning from their mistakes.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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