Biden Ignores Chinese Spy Balloon Over Montana: Dems Risk Citizens’ Safety

Startling news from Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT) has exposed a potential threat to the privacy and security of Montana citizens. An espionage balloon detected hovering over Eastern Montana at an alarming elevation of 57,000 feet has caused deep concern about U.S. national security and the safety of Montanans. Yet again, the Democrats have failed to protect Americans by ignoring this stealthy spy craft.

Rosendale, Montana’s champion of liberty and proponent of transparency, blasted the Biden Administration for not handling this incident openly. When pressed for information, the Department of Defense (DoD) refused to investigate, citing the balloon’s size and unlikeliness of conducting surveillance. It looks like the Biden Administration is okay with Communist China spying on America.

Rosendale’s tweet, “If the spy balloon in February taught us anything, it’s that Montanans demand to know what is flying over our state! The Biden Administration’s inaction on this demonstrates a shocking lack of concern for our privacy and security,” exploded across twitter.

The February 2023 similar event involving a Chinese spy balloon being shot down over South Carolina has much in common with this recent incident. U.S. Senator Jon Tester has led a probe into the phenomenon of Chinese spy balloons flying over states with intercontinental ballistic missiles. Tester suggested the flight path was far from coincidental. Despite the ongoing probe, the Pentagon has opted not to intervene.

Tester has highlighted the potentially hazardous implications of these balloon episodes, citing the urgent need for a more financially feasible solution. Furthermore, he calls for a comprehensive policy to address such episodes, underlining the potential hazards these aerial objects could pose to commercial and civilian flights. Tester’s indifference towards the security of the Montanans is troubling.

These balloon incidents are just one more significant piece of a larger puzzle. China’s multifaceted effort to destabilize and dethrone America as the world’s leading economic power includes espionage, spying, and the spread of disinformation. The Democrats are aiding and abetting China’s evil plans!

In response, Rosendale has intensified his work to uncover the truth, including seeking clarification from the Commanding Officer at the Malmstrom Air Force Base and seeking a briefing from the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. Rosendale, ever attentive to the concerns of Montanans, will continue to hold the Democrats accountable, demanding answers and action as he keeps a close eye on the skies above Montana.

Montanans deserve to be safe in their homes and communities. The Democrats’ inaction surrounding this spy balloon incident is a stark reminder of the long road ahead for America to regain its footing as a world superpower.

Written by Staff Reports

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