“Give Us Pizza or Give Us Death”: Defiant New Yorker Fights Pizzeria Regulations

Pizza is not just a food but a symbol of freedom in the United States. Recently, a New Yorker named Scott LoBaido’s protest against the proposed regulations of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) targeting coal and wood-fired ovens in pizzerias was a brilliant moment. He gave an impassioned speech against the regulations on the steps of City Hall before dramatically throwing a pizza at the building, in a moment reminiscent of the great Boston Tea Party.

The proposal requires a 75% reduction in carbon emission from pizzerias that use coal and wood-fired ovens. While the DEP may argue that these rules are necessary, they would deal a significant blow to the over 100 pizza restaurants in the area.

In response to this particular proposal and the city’s misplaced priorities, Scott LoBaido shouted, “Give us pizza or give us death,” a sentiment that echoes the spirit of the American Revolution. He argued that the city should focus on more critical issues, such as treating veterans and first responders respectfully and addressing the increasing crime rate.

Scott LoBaido said it in the right way. Destroying small businesses is the only trend the city has been following. The proposed rule has angered restaurateurs and customers. However, despite his unconventional approach, the NYPD allowed LoBaido to continue with his protest, with LoBaido later stating, “All good. My point was made.”

Scott’s protest against the regulation of pizza ovens is a shining example of the American spirit of defiance in the face of government overreach. Let’s hope that the DEP backs down and drops these regulations before any more trouble brews.

Written by Staff Reports

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