Biden IGNORES Pelosi’s Demands, Chooses Identity Politics Instead

It looks as though the Biden administration has once again caved to the demands of the radical left and chosen to prioritize identity politics over merit. Nancy Pelosi, who previously served as the Democratic House Speaker, sought to leverage her owed favors with the Biden administration to promote her preferred candidate for the vacant position of Labor Department secretary. She advocated for Sean Patrick Maloney, a former Democratic Representative from New York.However, despite Pelosi’s considerable influence, her endorsement was not enough to overcome the Biden administration’s commitment to identity politics.

According to a report by The Daily Caller, Nancy Pelosi was actively making phone calls to the Biden administration, urging them to appoint Sean Patrick Maloney as the replacement for Martin Walsh, who recently vacated the position. Maloney, a five-term congressman, had lost his bid for re-election in the 2022 midterm elections, which had left him unemployed. Despite being the first openly gay congressman from New York, Maloney’s chances were slim due to pressure from the radical left.

Instead, President Joe Biden chose to nominate Julie Su for the job due to “pressure” from the Asian-American community. NPR reported that Su had spent years promoting the rights of Asian American and immigrant workers, and had headed California’s labor department during the pandemic, when millions were filing for unemployment. Su made a statement Wednesday, previewing her agenda, should she be confirmed later this year.

The Biden administration’s decision to prioritize identity politics over merit is evident once again, continuing a trend seen throughout his presidency. This approach undermines the hard work and dedication of those who have earned their positions based on merit. It’s regrettable that the administration has prioritized politics over people and rewarded those with connections rather than those with qualifications.

This is yet another example of how the Biden administration has embraced radical left-wing policies and has put politics over people. The Biden administration should be focused on creating jobs and helping those who are struggling during this difficult time, not playing identity politics and rewarding those with connections. The focus of the Biden administration should be on prioritizing people by creating employment opportunities and providing aid to those who are facing difficulties.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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