Johns Hopkins Doctor Believes US Government Was “Biggest Source Of Misinformation” During COVID-19 Outbreak

On Tuesday, Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins, delivered an emotional speech about how the US government was the leading proponent of misinformation during the pandemic.

Joining Makary were other prominent medical experts. They were testifying before a House committee on COVID.

According to Makary, the US government was the primary source of misinformation about the pandemic. He noted that various claims about COVID, such as that it was more effective than natural immunity, were debunked by the US government.

They refuted claims that myocardial myopathy was more common after a vaccine was given, and that young people benefited from a booster. Two of the vaccine's experts resigned from the FDA due to concerns about the use of a booster in young, healthy individuals. The CDC had no data on the hospitalization rates of those who were boosted under 50 years old.

According to Makary, the US government was also weaponizing the data collected by the CDC. For instance, they released a study that looked at natural immunity, but they only reported on one sliver of the data. The study was allegedly made after the agency had collected data from all 50 states for several years.

He claims that public health officials were dishonest.

In his testimony, Jay Bhattacharya, another expert, accused government officials of manipulating scientific data in order to promote destructive ideas.

This came just days after the US Department of Energy concluded that the COVID-19 outbreak most likely originated from a leak in a Chinese laboratory. This theory has been presented several times since the start of the pandemic, with some being referred to as conspiracy theorists.

In 2021, the National Security Council met with the CDC to discuss the alleged spread of disinformation about COVID-19.

A district judge in California recently prevented a bill from being passed that would have required physicians to remove information about the virus from their websites.

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