Biden in the Shadows: Unveiling Frank’s Fatal Hit-and-Run Cover-up!

In his new book “Breaking Biden,” conservative author Alex Marlow reveals a shocking incident involving President Joe Biden and his brother Frank. While researching the book, Marlow discovered that Joe Biden covered for Frank after he was involved in a fatal hit-and-run car crash.

The incident took place in July 1999 when Frank Biden allowed a friend named Jason Turton to drive his Jaguar to a concert. While traveling at over 70 mph in a 35-mph zone, they struck and killed a pedestrian. Instead of stopping to help, Frank told Turton to “keep driving.” The victim, Michael Albano, was a single father, leaving behind two young daughters.

Frank eventually pleaded guilty to hit-and-run charges, while the Albano family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit. Frank evaded the legal process, refusing to show up to court or respond to correspondence. The Albano girls even hired a private investigator to locate Frank, but were unsuccessful.

In 2008, the Albano sisters reached out to Joe Biden for help in collecting the money owed to them. However, Biden showed no sympathy and did not respond to their pleas. His chief of staff coldly informed them that Frank had no assets to satisfy the judgment.

This shocking revelation sheds light on Joe Biden’s character and priorities. Despite having faced personal tragedy in his own life, Biden ignored the plight of the Albano family and covered for his brother. It raises questions about Biden’s empathy and integrity.

It is disheartening to see a president who claims to care about the needs of ordinary Americans disregard the suffering of others for the sake of protecting his own family. This incident further reinforces the concerns about the Biden family’s involvement in questionable dealings and their disregard for ethical standards.

“Breaking Biden” is a must-read book for those who want to understand the hidden forces and secret money machine behind Joe Biden, his family, and his administration. It exposes the truth about the Bidens and raises important questions about their character and integrity.

Written by Staff Reports

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