Biden Impeachment Inquiry Called Out as ‘Smokescreen’ by Matt Gaetz!

In the midst of the turmoil surrounding the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden's alleged involvement in his son Hunter's business affairs has taken a step back. However, it remains an ongoing concern. Representative Matt Gaetz, known for his outspoken conservative stance, recently voiced his disapproval of the impeachment inquiry during a fundraising event.

Gaetz made it clear that he did not view the inquiry as valid and suggested that it was unlikely to lead to any substantial outcome. In a video obtained by NBC News, Gaetz and his fellow Freedom Caucus member, Representative Matt Rosendale, criticized the high-stakes Republican effort to impeach President Biden, characterizing it as a political maneuver. Gaetz likened it to an endless "forever war" and predicted a stalemate.

Rosendale shared Gaetz's perspective, drawing parallels to the gun-related charges against Hunter Biden, implying that they were intended to divert attention from more significant allegations. This conversation took place during a time of heightened tension within the Republican Party, with a clash between moderate and conservative factions leading to McCarthy's removal as Speaker.

Despite some dissent from figures like Gaetz, the majority of the party appears united in pursuing the impeachment inquiry. Representative Jim Jordan, who aspires to become the next Speaker, has been a staunch supporter of the effort to impeach President Biden. Gaetz, however, argued that if the initiative were genuine, a subpoena should have been issued to Hunter Biden. While McCarthy had announced plans to subpoena Hunter the previous month, no such subpoena has been issued to date.

As the GOP prepares to select its next speaker, the prospect of impeachment remains a significant factor within the party. Many Republicans, both in Congress and among the conservative base, have expressed their backing for taking action against President Biden. Although McCarthy initially hesitated to pursue impeachment, the idea has gained substantial momentum. The date for the second impeachment inquiry hearing remains uncertain.

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