Biden Misleads on Trump, Shows Confusion on World Leaders

In a recent event on the West Coast, Joe Biden continued to spread misinformation about former President Donald Trump. Biden falsely claimed that Trump had suggested injecting bleach as a treatment for COVID-19, which is completely untrue. It’s concerning that even as the President of the United States, Biden is resorting to baseless attacks on his political opponents. This kind of behavior only further divides the country and sets a dangerous precedent for political discourse.

The media’s role in this situation is also problematic. Instead of fact-checking Biden’s statement, Reuters appeared to support the false narrative by referencing Trump’s actual comments about research on ultraviolet light and disinfectants. By not holding Biden accountable for spreading lies, the media is failing in its duty to provide accurate information to the public. It’s important for the press to maintain integrity and report the truth, regardless of political affiliations.

Moreover, Biden’s confusion on global leaders is alarming. During his speech, he mistakenly referred to Kim Jong Un as the leader of South Korea, when Kim Jong Un is actually the leader of North Korea. This demonstrates a troubling lack of basic knowledge on Biden’s part, especially considering his position as the leader of a major world power. It’s essential for the 

President to have a firm grasp on international relations and key figures, and these repeated gaffes raise serious concerns about Biden’s competence in representing the United States on the global stage.

Overall, Biden’s spreading of false information, coupled with his confusion regarding world leaders, paints a concerning picture of his leadership capabilities. As a conservative observer, it’s disheartening to see the President engaging in such behavior and getting a pass from the media. The American people deserve honesty and competence from their elected officials, and it’s clear that Biden is falling short on both fronts.

Written by Staff Reports

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