Biden Mistakenly Claims Professor Drafted by NFL, Raises Cognitive Concerns

President Biden’s recent public appearance at Gateway Technical College in Racine, Wisconsin has once again brought attention to his verbal and cognitive missteps. During the speech, he shared a story about his high school days, claiming that his theology professor at the Catholic school had been drafted by the Green Bay Packers. However, fact-checking reveals that his professor was not actually drafted by the NFL, calling into question the accuracy of Biden’s recollection.

This latest incident adds to a series of gaffes made by President Biden over the past two months, including a claim about his uncle being eaten by cannibals in World War II and struggling to remember significant details during interviews. These missteps have raised concerns about his ability to fulfill the duties of the presidency, especially as he considers a potential 2024 campaign.

Notably, the official transcript of Biden’s speech amended the grammar of his statement, raising questions about the transparency of communication from the White House. This latest gaffe reinforces the concerns about Biden’s mental acuity, which has been a topic of discussion throughout his presidency.

As the nation looks ahead to the possibility of another Biden campaign in 2024, many are voicing concerns about his fitness for the role. With the 2024 election looming, questions about Biden’s mental state and his ability to handle the responsibilities of the presidency are becoming increasingly prominent.

As the American people consider the future of the country, it is essential to carefully assess the capabilities of political leaders and ensure that the highest office in the land is held by someone who can effectively fulfill its duties.

Written by Staff Reports

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