Biden Nominee Faces Scrutiny Over Ties to Anti-Israel Groups and Extremist Donations

President Joe Biden’s nominee for a federal judiciary position, attorney Adeel Mangi, has come under fire for his donations to Democratic candidates with ties to groups linked to Hamas, a known terrorist organization. Mangi’s donations to Tahanie Aboushi and Zead Ramadan, who have connections to anti-Israel groups, have raised concerns from lawmakers about his impartiality and controversial affiliations.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has expressed worries over Mangi’s ties to an anti-Israel think tank and left-wing groups, and his failure to disclose involvement in events with activists from an anti-Israel center. Additionally, Mangi’s participation in the Alliance of Families for Justice, which has connections to individuals involved in police killings, has raised red flags among Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike.

The White House has continued to stand by Mangi’s nomination despite mounting evidence of his connections to extremist and anti-Israel groups, claiming that criticism of Mangi is “cruel and Islamophobic.” This has sparked outrage from conservative groups like the Judicial Crisis Network, which has criticized the Biden administration’s defense of Mangi and highlighted the nominee’s troubling associations.

Aboushi, the Democratic candidate supported by Mangi, has faced scrutiny for her associations with anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour and her support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel. Similarly, Ramadan’s role on the board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization with ties to Hamas, has raised concerns about his affiliations.

Mangi’s donations to these candidates, combined with his involvement with controversial groups and individuals, have led to calls for his nomination to be withdrawn by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans, including Senator Lindsey Graham. Their concerns stem from Mangi’s apparent support for groups and individuals with radical, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel views, which they argue could compromise his ability to serve impartially on the federal judiciary.

Mangi’s past donations to the Muslim Democratic Club of New York, an organization known for pressing the Biden administration to stop supporting Israel, further raise questions about his impartiality and affiliations. The growing evidence of Mangi’s ties to extremist and anti-Israel groups has sparked widespread criticism and calls for his nomination to be reevaluated.

Written by Staff Reports

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