Trump Leads Biden in Swing States, GOP Senate Hopefuls Trail

A recent poll released by Emerson College-The Hill shows that former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in seven swing states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. However, in those same states, GOP candidates for the Senate are trailing behind their Democratic opponents. This news is significant as it indicates a potential challenge for Republicans in critical Senate races, despite Trump’s strong showing in these key swing states. 


In Pennsylvania, the poll reveals that Trump holds a narrow lead over Biden, with 47% to 45%. However, GOP challenger David McCormick is trailing behind Democratic Senator Bob Casey, who holds a 46% to 42% lead. This trend is also observed in Wisconsin and Nevada, where Democratic incumbent senators are leading their Republican challengers, despite Trump’s lead over Biden in the presidential race.

Even in open Senate seats currently held by Democrats, Republicans are facing an uphill battle, according to the survey. In Arizona, Rep. Ruben Gallego leads Republican Kari Lake in the Senate race, while Trump leads Biden in the presidential race. Similarly, in Michigan, Trump leads Biden in the presidential race, but Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin is ahead of former Republican Rep. Mike Rogers in the Senate race.

It is noteworthy that in the majority of these states, Republicans have lost recent Senate races, suggesting a broader challenge for the GOP in regaining Senate control. This data underscores the importance of not only winning the presidency but also securing victories in Senate races to advance conservative policies.

Overall, this poll highlights the potential hurdles facing GOP Senate candidates in key swing states, despite Trump’s strong performance in the presidential race. These findings serve as a reminder of the importance of mobilizing conservative voters and building strong campaigns to compete effectively in critical Senate races.

Written by Staff Reports

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